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DIY Solar Sale: Do It Yourself! Get Off the Grid…

At last you can afford to get off the grid! DIY SOLAR CELL PANEL KITS are on sale. We are also offering a FREE 18-page Solar Energy Report and a weekly newsletter with info re DIY energy projects, solar kits, and cool stuff we find from around the world! Get great savings now on 36, 72, and 190 [...]

DIY Green: Drojos & EarthTainer Hybrid Gardening

Drojos make wonderful grow houses for hydroponic and hybrid gardening. It’s both a shame and an inescapable fact: our food sources now require protection from all-too-many forms of pollution. Chemtrails, radiation (and irradiation), mercury and Monsanto are but a few of the dangers we face, and growing one’s own fruits and vegetables — although a [...]

Living La Vida Verde

The award-winning DROJO green building systems have been in use both nationally and internationally for more than twenty-five years. This mobile veterinary clinic will soon be used by emergency responders in areas hit by natural disasters, proving the technology is limited only by one’s imagination. So, just IMAGINE! Drojos are perfect for creating both residential [...]