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Recycled Plastic Bottles: Everything Old Is New Again

Turning one thing into something else (and finding uses for the allegedly useless) has been a lifelong and instinctive habit. Now it’s called “recycling,” but “hate to see anything go to waste” still works, too. These beautiful solar lights are created using 2-liter plastic bottles, purified water, bleach (to keep the water clear), and film canisters (to protect the bottles’ caps):

It might be difficult to find film canisters in the digital age, but the canisters which hold diabetics’ test strips are plentiful and quite possibly a better fit. The lights require no maintenance, although Alfredo Moser, the Brazilian inventor, suggests changing the water every five years. I gotcher green technology right here. And it’s virtually free!

The barn of my dreams has at least four per stall (these lights are perfect for use with Drojo SIPs, which are easily cut with a hot knife), and a plethora down the center aisle. I look forward to seeing them in various stages of moonlight, as well. Ingenuity is exciting, and these solar lights — each of which is equivalent to a 50-watt or 60-watt bulb and provides natural light — are ingenious.

8000 2-liter plastic bottles can be recycled and used to make a classroom or workroom.

Recycled 2-Liter Plastic Bottles

My dream home-slash-studio may be an adobe Drojo (with a hydroponic garden attached to the kitchen [and a central, enclosed courtyard]), but a smaller version of this classroom made of recycled 2-liter plastic bottles is now my dream potting shed.

Building a stand-alone classroom requires approximately 8000 2-liter plastic bottles (2000 would make a great workroom, and 4000 2-liter plastic bottles would be positively decadent). Looks easy enough. A fun DIY project for a beautiful Spring weekend (after a winter spent collecting 2-liter plastic bottles)…


  1. howard says:

    great idea i will try this

  2. Diane Stevens says:

    What a fantastic idea!! The building is charming. I am wondering how to go about collecting enough empty plastic bottles as we never buy sodas. I am so glad I found your lovely blog!

  3. Nancy says:

    Too cute! This kind of building would be good for my chickens and I would not need many empty bottles to make a nice coop. You have unique things I never saw before. I hope you will post more.

  4. Lars says:

    This idea is so simple I wish I thought of it. I built a small garden shed with beer and wine bottles and concrete but I like this better and it would be less work. This is the best way I have seen to recycle plastic bottles and keep them out of the landfills.

    1. Laura P. says:

      It is amazing what people are making now with recycled plastic bottles. The idea to use them so people can have lights is great. I would never think to make a building that way but it is so cute! I am glad I found your blog. LP

  5. dan steele says:

    clever concept. I can get as many empty bottles as I need easy so I might try this in my back yard. – dan

  6. Nina says:

    My boys drink so much coke I should have enough empty bottles to make one of these buildings every month! I will stop putting them in the recycling and see if I can make a good one to keep my garden things. I agree it is very cute. Nice blog! Nina

  7. Anna says:

    These are both fantastic ideas!! The lighting from the recycled bottles is amazing and the building is beautiful. If you make a potting shed from recycled bottles I hope you will post pictures here. – Anna