There's Only 1 Drojo Green Building Systems

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Mobile vet clinic will soon be ready for anything.

Mobile Emergency Vet Clinic

The award-winning DROJO green building systems have been in use both nationally and internationally for more than twenty-five years.

This mobile veterinary clinic will soon be used by emergency responders in areas hit by natural disasters, proving the technology is limited only by one’s imagination. So, just IMAGINE!

Drojos are perfect for creating both residential and commercial structures, and there’s nothing better for a barn, kennel, or hydroponic grow house than a Drojo. Architectural plans and drawings will soon be available at is a non-profit corporation, and 75% of the proceeds from each project will be donated to related charitable concerns (the remaining 25% will be used for animal rescue). Build homes and 75% of our proceeds house the homeless; build dormitories and 75% of our proceeds fund scholarships; build hydroponic grow houses and 75% of our proceeds provide Drojos for inner-city gardens — it’s just that easy! Go green for a better world.

Made in the USA, provides manufacturing jobs for American workers.

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  1. don says:

    interesting wish i could afford to build a green house now