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DIY Solar Sale: Do It Yourself! Get Off the Grid…

Do It Yourself Solar Power Sale!

Get Off the Grid: DIY Solar Sale!

At last you can afford to get off the grid! DIY SOLAR CELL PANEL KITS are on sale.

We are also offering a FREE 18-page Solar Energy Report and a weekly newsletter with info re DIY energy projects, solar kits, and cool stuff we find from around the world!

Get great savings now on 36, 72, and 190 Pre-Tabbed Solar Cell Systems. All systems come with:

1. Grade A 3″x6″ Evergreen pre-tabbed solar cells;

2. bus ribbon (for panel connections);

3. a flux pen (for soldering cells and wires);

4. blocking diodes (to keep panels from draining the batteries).

Kits also include DIY solar-panel guides and videos, and a DIY Energy Audit Starter Kit. Supplies are limited and kits are priced to sell fast, so ORDER, NOW!

Ask us about our DIY Wind Turbine Kits, DC Charge Controllers, and AC Power Inverters, too. We can help you get off the grid while on a budget. And don’t forget to grab the FREE 18-page solar-energy report!

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  1. Ray says:

    We all need to get off the grid. I like your web site!