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DIY Green: Drojos & EarthTainer Hybrid Gardening

Free DIY EarthTainers help save water and provide organic produce for your family.

Free DIY EarthTainers

Drojos make wonderful grow houses for hydroponic and hybrid gardening. It’s both a shame and an inescapable fact: our food sources now require protection from all-too-many forms of pollution.

Chemtrails, radiation (and irradiation), mercury and Monsanto are but a few of the dangers we face, and growing one’s own fruits and vegetables — although a step in the right direction — is most unfortunately not as safe as growing the produce indoors.

Drojos (and hydroponics) make four-season growing possible in any climate and provide greater control over water and soil purity. A Drojo is also much better than a hoop tent as, unlike the tents, the Drojo will last for decades.

Although we highly recommend indoor gardening with hydroponic growing techniques, we have recently become fans of Ray Newstead and his revolutionary DIY EarthTainer Project (the free plans for EarthTainers made available by Gary Ibsen’s Tomato Fest):

The EarthTainer Project is intended to bring sustainable, organic gardening to both rural and urban gardeners worldwide with a 100% self-contained eco-system design that does not waste water. The closed-loop watering system concentrates all of the water to the plant – and not to weed production nor run-off. Water reduction of up to 75% can be achieved.

“The EarthTainer is not a “product” — there are none for sale, thus it doesn’t compete with commercially available self-watering container products. Rather, it is a “design concept” made available as “freeware” for your private use and enjoyment. Just remember to please make a donation to the Feeding America Organization if this design does bring you happiness.”

So whether employing standard hydroponic technology, EarthTainer’s hybrid gardening system, or any other of a number of indoor gardening techniques, contact us today for your free Drojo quote! We will be happy to help you create the sustainable indoor organic garden (residential, community, or commercial) of your dreams. Green Drojos and green thumbs are a match made in heaven!

Don’t forget — Drojos’ green building system components are Made in the USA. Growing nutritious foods for your family provides good jobs for the American worker and donations which support your favorite causes. Go green for a better world. Today!

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