There's Only 1 Drojo Green Building Systems


Contact information for custom quotes from DROJOs.incIt takes 100 trees to build the typical  1,500 square foot house. The same house built with DROJO green SIPs uses the steel from two recycled cars and recycled EPS (expanded polystyrene).

Home heating, cooling, and general energy costs will then be substantially lower because the steel and EPS panels in the floors, walls, ceilings, and roof are more energy efficient than any other building material. Add an alternative energy system (solar, wind, hydro) and get off the grid! DROJOs are all-temperature, all-terrain, multi-purpose structures. is a non-profit corporation, and 75% of the proceeds from each project will be donated to related charitable concerns (the remaining 25% will be used for animal rescue). Build homes and 75% of our profits go toward housing the homeless; build dormitories and 75% of our profits will be donated to scholarship funds; build hydroponic grow houses and 75% of our profits will be used for community garden programs and inner-city gardens — it’s just that easy to go green and make a difference twice! will convert any standard construction plan’s architectural and engineering specifications — for free! Made in the USA, your projects provide manufacturing jobs for American workers, and donations which support your favorite causes. Go green for a better world. Today!