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DIY Solar Sale: Do It Yourself! Get Off the Grid…

At last you can afford to get off the grid! DIY SOLAR CELL PANEL KITS are on sale. We are also offering a FREE 18-page Solar Energy Report and a weekly newsletter with info re DIY energy projects, solar kits, and cool stuff we find from around the world! Get great savings now on 36, 72, and 190 [...]

Clay Pot Refrigeration: COOL!

Hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, floods, black-outs…there are many reasons one might find oneself without electricity. Though I wouldn’t choose to experience disaster of any sort, I do tend to enjoy the enforced quiet and temporary disconnection. The biggest and most immediate downside of being “powerless” is the lack of refrigeration. Food is expensive and spoils (relatively) [...]

Recycled Plastic Bottles: Everything Old Is New Again

Turning one thing into something else (and finding uses for the allegedly useless) has been a lifelong and instinctive habit. Now it’s called “recycling,” but “hate to see anything go to waste” still works, too. These beautiful solar lights are created using 2-liter plastic bottles, purified water, bleach (to keep the water clear), and film [...]